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Whatever we get time to write, we'll write it here. Probably.

If we don't get off the fence soon we'll get stuck

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Writing about UNISON's continued silence on the question of who should succeed Tony Blair as leader of our party, Jon says:

The strategy that has transparently been pursued until now has been to pretend that it would be somehow wrong to express a view “until we know who all the candidates are” and thereby to cede to the Parliamentary Labour Party all power to decide upon whether our members who pay the political levy will be offered a real choice.

Leaving that decision in the hands of the Parliamentary Labour Party seems all the more dangerous now.


I nearly didn't post any comment on this 'news' story as it doesn't deserve the bandwidth, even though I was desperate to shout, "pay some fucking attention to things that matter" to these people:

But not everyone is a Helvetica lover. Type "I hate Helvetica" into Google and there are forums for people who rage at the mindless "corporate chic" of this dominant font. They see it as a vehicle for social conformity through consumerism, shifting product with a great big steam-roller of neutrality.

And these:

There is a "ban Comic Sans" campaign, which has attempted to get legislation enacted in Canada.

Labour leadership - will party members get a choice?


With everybody now predicting that Blair will announce his resignation tomorrow, I've sent this letter to some nearby Labour MPs. We don't have a Labour MP in Harborough, despite my previous best efforts, so the power to grant or deny us a say in who should lead the Labour Party rests with the Parliamentary Labour Party. Oh great!

Leicester's May Day March 2007

Leicester's May Day March 2007

Leicester hasn't had a May Day march for a few years, so it was great to get back into the tradition with a lively, colourful and loud march through Leicester in support of public services, against cuts and closures - there was obviously a big focus on NHS cuts locally, and many chants of "PFI has got to go", but also education, job centres and even the local post office got a mention!

Rebirth of

On our way home from UNISON health conference yesterday, we were talking about how we really ought to get our website back online. The previous incarnation of died just when it could have got interesting - I was really keen to develop a "union rep's blog" where I could document the reality of life as a UNISON activist in an NHS workplace. Sadly, the reality of like as a UNISON activist in an NHS workplace seemed to be that you were far too busy to write blog articles, and the site stagnated and died.

A pity.

Now, Kate has promised to write some material for the site from time to time. And even the kids are talking about adding stuff to it.